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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Acts of Delight, a Pizza Delight recognition program

May 10, 2021

1) Pizza Delight and the Pizza Delight Logo are trademarks of MTY Franchising Inc. © All rights reserved, 2021.

2) Pizza Delight may use the story, photo and/or names of nominator(s) and/or nominee(s), upon written permission, in promotional messages, on websites, social media, digital advertising, television, printed material, etc.

3) There is no guarantee that any nominee and/or nominator will be featured for recognition considerations.

4) What determines the selection of a nominee and nominator is at the discretion of Pizza Delight, franchisees and agency partners and may be based on several factors. Submission of a nomination does not guarantee recognition.

5) Pizza Delight and MTY Franchising Inc., its employees, agency partners and franchisees are not responsible for any actions, reactions, viral social media communication that may arise out of use of the nominee and/or nominator information.

6) Pizza Delight will take reasonable steps within its control that would ensure that the stories, profiles and “Acts of Delight” are as accurate, factual, and close to reality as possible. However, Pizza Delight, its agencies, its employees, and franchisees are not held responsible for any inaccurate information that is provided to us and/or is used in communication. Any use of inaccurate information/portrayal of facts is inadvertent, and not meant to cause harm.

7) The recognition awards of “Pizza for a Year” is valued at approximately $275 and the “12” Signature Pizza” is valued at approximately $24. Awards cannot be exchanged for monetary value or any other substitutions, cannot be traded with others, terms and conditions will apply to redemption, including expiry.

8) Upon written consent, nominees may be asked to travel (at their reasonable expense) to an area in their community, or a local Pizza Delight to receive their award, and for capturing of photos or video material.

How the Acts of Delight program (“Program”) works:

1) Acts of Delight is a recognition program, developed by Pizza Delight. It recognizes the people who go above and beyond to support the well-being of their community, in any form. People are nominated by a “nominator” for a chance to be recognized by Pizza Delight and our franchisee partners. Pizza Delight reserves the right to select or not select any nominee, at the discretion of Pizza Delight. Program begins in May 2021. There is no end date.

2) Nominators fill out a web form on the web site, indicating his or her name and other details, the nominee’s name and contact information as well as a short description of what the nominee has done that may be deserving of recognition.

3) Submissions are reviewed by Pizza Delight and their agency partners. If a story/nomination is selected to be considered to be featured, two (2) attempts will be made to contact the nominator and the nominee who will validate the story and to confirm, in writing, that the nominee and/or nominator agree to be featured and agree to the use of their information in Pizza Delight external communications and promotional elements. Nominees may be required to provide a secondary reference to validate the story, at the discretion of Pizza Delight.

4) Featured nominees and nominators (collectively and individually as the “Participants”) may have their story, photos, names, etc. (“Personal Information”) featured on the media platforms such as, without limitation, Pizza Delight and franchisee web sites, digital properties, social media, television, radio, printed material, in-store promotional media, flyers etc. Personal Information will (i) be held by Pizza Delight; (ii) be used for, and accessible only to employees directly involved in the Program, internal analysis by the Pizza Delight and its affiliates, agents and advertising and promotional agencies, unless the Participants otherwise disagree; and, (iii) will not be disclosed to other third parties, unless the Participants otherwise agree in accordance with the opt-in language.

5) If a nominee is selected to be recognized, they will receive a recognition award of “Pizza For A Year” from Pizza Delight, starting in the month of the selection, and applicable for 12 months. (Cannot be exchanged for any monetary value or any other substitutions.)

6) The nominator of the selected nominee will receive a “free 12” Signature Pizza” (cannot be exchanged for any monetary value or any other substitutions).

7) Acceptance of any award shall constitute the nominator and/or nominee’s agreement and consent to Pizza Delight and their affiliates to use their names, voices, city/province of residence, photos, video or film clips, and/or other visual likeness (including, without limitation, Facebook and other social media profiles and photos), avatar, and/or prize information in connection with the Program for promotional, advertising or other purposes, in any manner, worldwide, in perpetuity and in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, including the Internet, without limitation and without further payment, notification, permission or other consideration, except where prohibited by law.

We thank all the nominators for the work to submit a nomination to recognize those that go above and beyond to make their communities a better place. While it is not possible to recognize everyone, we truly appreciate the heart and dedication of all nominees.

May 2021,

Pizza Delight Head Office
264 Botsford St, Suite 201 Moncton, New Brunswick Canada
Attn: Acts of Delight